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Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia


  • We provide consulting services in the field of finance, as well as legal and tax consulting

  • We provide asset and property management services

  • we create business plans, feasibility studies, etc.

Usluge procene i stečajni upavnik

Equity valuations

We carry out the assessment of the capital value based on the client's request in order to determine the real market value of the capital, determine the basic value and the range of the capital value for the needs of the auction sale of capital in the privatization process, preparations for recapitalization, i.e. increasing the basic capital, status changes, i.e. mergers, acquisitions or divisions and separations , ascertainable sales prices in the sale of legal entities in bankruptcy proceedings, etc.

Valuations - Licensed real estate appraisers , court experts in the economic, mechanical and construction professions

Appraisals of machinery and equipment

We provide consulting services and prepare valuations of all types of movable property for all purposes. We have extensive experience in expert examination procedures, as well as in assessing the condition, functionality and value of machines, equipment, vehicles, industrial plants, etc. We cooperate with experienced experts of various specialties from all fields of mechanical engineering, and at the same time we offer an optimal price-quality ratio for our professional services.

Real estate appraisals

We perform comprehensive valuations of real estate for the purposes of credit placement, financial reporting, court and extra-judicial proceedings, bankruptcy and executive proceedings, making business decisions, taxes and more. Our real estate appraisers are licensed and committed to complying with the National Standards, the Code of Ethics and the rules of professional conduct for licensed appraisers. Contact us for a quick and accurate valuation of your real estate.

In addition to the professional valuation services provided by our licensed appraisers, we also provide TRUSTEE IN BANKRUPTCY services for creditors. We have a bankruptcy administrator's license issued by the Agency for Licensing Bankruptcy Administrators of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia. Since the new amendments to the Bankruptcy Law came into force, creditors can nominate a bankruptcy trustee whom they trust to help them collect claims in the largest possible amount.

Partizanskih baza 11, Novi Sad 21000

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  • Bankruptcy Trustee

  • Real estate valuation

  • Company valuation

  • Business consulting and mediation

  • Development of reorganization plans and UPPR

  • Economic and financial restructuring of the company

  • Financial and tax consulting

  • Asset and property management

  • Business plans and feasibility studies

  • Consulting regarding QMS (ISO 9001)

Usluge GROS&GROS Inc. Novi Sad
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