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Procenitelj i stečajni upravnik Novi Sad

About us

  • Gros&Gross Inc. Novi Sad is an appraisal and consulting company that gathers a professional team, made up of experienced licensed real estate appraisers and court experts from various fields, as well as bankruptcy trustees with extensive experience. We are able to provide a wide range of consulting services to investors or other clients, related to capital management, immovable and movable assets, tax consulting, brokerage services, as well as bookkeeping services through an external associate.

  • Gros&Gross Inc. Novi Sad was founded in 2014, when it was registered primarily as an entrepreneurial business to perform the duties of a bankruptcy trustee, under the full name Relja Gross PR Bankruptcy manager and consulting services Gros&Gros RG Novi Sad, given that a few months before, the owner of Relja Gross obtained a license of the bankruptcy trustee, so that he could perform the aforementioned tasks independently, and that in the territory of Novi Sad, i.e. the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court in Novi Sad. However, up to that moment, he had been working as a bankruptcy trustee's associate at "Agencija Gross" Subotica for many years, where the primary goal was to continue the family tradition of bankruptcy trustees, where, after obtaining the conditions for applying for a bankruptcy trustee's license, he would start in Novi Sad to do these jobs. In parallel with that, Relja Gross also performed the duties of associate expert in the economic field at the Basic and High Courts in Subotica, as well as valuations of movable and immovable property for an appraisal house from Novi Sad.

  • After that, and especially after the start of the implementation of the new Law on real estate appraisers in the Republic of Serbia, and the introduction of licenses in this area, Relja Gross acquires a license for real estate appraisers, where it expands its business and brings together a wider team of appraisers and forensic experts with rich experience. Then Gros&Gros RG Novi Sad changed its name to Relja Gros PR Bureau for assessments, business consulting and bankruptcy trustee Gros&Gros Inc. Novi Sad, as it is still called today.

Real estate appraisal, real estate appraiser

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