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We provide valuation services for real estate, movable property and capital for all purposes and needs

We provide valuation services for all types of real estate, namely:

  • Appraisals of apartments, residential buildings (houses)

  • Appraisals of premises and business premises

  • Appraisals of commercial and office buildings

  • Appraisals of industrial and warehouse facilities

  • Appraisals of construction land, agricultural land, etc.

Estimates of the value of the company's capital for various purposes:

  • Assessment of the value of the bankrupt debtor as a legal entity in bankruptcies

  • Assessment of the value of property and fixed assets

  • Valuation of shares and shares

Appraisal of machinery and equipment:

  • Appraisal of the value of machinery and equipment for the purpose of securing loans and leasing

  • Assessment of the value of movable property in bankruptcies

  • Valuation of machinery and equipment for financial reporting purposes

Real estate appraisal, real estate appraiser


Real estate appraisals

Making assessments is the primary activity of GROS&GROS Inc. Novi Sad. There are various sub-fields within valuation work, one of the most important of which is real estate valuation, which is governed by domestic regulations.

Real estate is a long-term investment, and property valuation is a key factor in making decisions about buying or selling. This is why it is important to have a reliable and professional real estate appraiser who will provide an accurate and realistic valuation.

GROS&GROS Inc. Novi Sad is an appraisal house that offers real estate appraisal services by professional appraisers with many years of experience. Our team consists of licensed real estate appraisers who specialize in appraising residential, commercial and industrial properties, as well as construction and agricultural land.

Our appraisers use the latest valuation methods, including market, cost and income approaches, as well as all types of methods within these approaches, in order to provide the most accurate valuation of real estate. We also offer consulting services related to real estate, as well as document review and other professional services.

The real estate valuation procedure will allow you to obtain the real value of all types of real estate on the day of the valuation, for all possible purposes. The value assessment is performed by experts in compliance with assessment standards, both domestic and foreign, as well as moral codes and rules of professional conduct. A precisely determined real estate valuation will help you to:

  • secure a loan for the purchase of real estate,

  • prepare a correct financial statement,

  • exercise your right and interest within the framework of judicial and extrajudicial proceedings

  • enable the proper course of bankruptcy and enforcement proceedings

  • make the right assessments and make the right business decisions

Our property valuation service is fast, reliable and competitively priced. Whether you are buying, selling or renting real estate, you can rely on us to provide you with an objective and accurate valuation.

Contact us today to learn more about our real estate appraisal services. GROS&GROS Inc. is a reliable and professional appraisal company that provides you with everything you need to make a real estate decision. Our team is here to help you direct important business or life flows in the best direction.

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Estimates of the value of companies - capital

Another very important appraiser category is the appraisal of capital value . Based on the client's request, our expert team approaches the precise and thorough determination of the real value of the capital on the day of the assessment, with the aim of:

  • determining the real market value of capital,

  • determination of the basic value and the range of capital values for the purposes of auction sales, capital in the privatization process,

  • preparations for recapitalization or increase of the basic capital,

  • status changes: mergers, acquisitions or divisions and separations,

  • ascertainable selling prices of legal entities in bankruptcy and other proceedings

Professionals from GROS&GROS Inc. Novi Sad is a team of people to make your capital real and realistically available, and to help you make proper and profitable business moves accordingly.

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